SCOREBoard 17

SCOREBoard is another exclusive of Broward SCORE.  SCOREBoard is an advisory body consisting of three senior executives with comprehensive business experience who will meet, consult, and advise you much like a board of directors would.

The advisors meet with you and your managers on a quarterly basis for a morning or afternoon session. The last quarter’s performance is reviewed. Industry trends are discussed. Internal and external issues and opportunities are examined.

The objective is to help you step back and, look at your business with a view towards the future and, how to strategically move your company forward by identifying missteps to avoid and opportunities to seize.

SCOREBoard differs from the Business Tune Up program in that, it is not project based with a  tactical and short-term focus but rather strategic with a view to the long term. This Broward SCORE team will help you meet your short and long-term goals, and open new opportunities for the future.

Seize the opportunity of engaging your own exclusive advisory board to help move your company forward. Contact Broward SCORE and start SCOREBoard today.

SCOREBoard17 is offered at no charge. However, donations are accepted to help fund this ongoing initiative. 

Complete the application and we will get started. Call 954-356-7263 with any questions.