Broward SCORE received two awards this past weekend from the SBA:

  • State of Florida Small Business Media Advocate of the Year Award
  • South Florida District Small Business Media Advocate of the Year Award

The award recognizes the Broward SCORE’s efforts to reach, educate, and communicate with the business community in South Florida.
Broward SCORE uses many media channels to communicate with businesses – the website, social media using Facebook, twitter & LinkedIn, newspaper advertisements and articles, informational e-mails, catalogs of business training workshops, flyers, brochures, a library campaign, and its proprietary business radio program.

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (left) presented the SBA Awards to Broward Score Volunteer Russell Thompson &  Broward SCORE Chapter Chairman George Gremse, and Patricia Maldonaldo of Little Fish Media - the chapter's PR & radio program provider. SBA Regional Administrator Cassius Butts (right) spoke well of SCORE


Broward SCORE receives Small business Awards