How I can help you

The ways that I can help clients,especially retail clients, is in the area of planning and using key numbers t on how to plan and understand the goals to be achieved to reach profitable business goals....sales projections, managing, maximizing inventory productivity, understanding the importance of gross profit and how to calculate it. I provide overall planning guidance. My successful management experience, as a department store manager, provided communication and organizational skills, which I impart to my clients. I am very much a people person and can demonstrate the importance of this factor in developing positive relationships with employees, customers and vendors. I can guide clients in aspects of determining their potential future markets. I know how to build a business as I did in the store that I managed.....increasing sales over 50% in 5 years and increasing net profits 45%. I believe in that almost anything can be achieved with positive attitudes and great planning. 35 year Retail Merchandising and Management career, in addition, 12 years operating as a commissioned Accounts Payable Auditor. Vice President Merchandising (Decorative Home goods), VP Department Store Manager, VP Director of Merchandise Information Department Stores and mass merchandising companies.

Areas of Expertise

  • Business Plan
  • Management & Operations
  • Marketing

Industry Experience

  • Retail

Marshall Cohen

Communication Methods

  • In Person