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Business Plan, Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Costs-Prices and Breakeven, Clarification of the Business Idea, Cash Flow, Strategies to Develop Competitive Advantages, Motivation to Achievement,  Looking for Business Ideas,  Search for Opportunities, Development of Internal Entrepreneurs, Development of Interpersonal Intelligence, How to transmit what we undoubtedly know and need to transmit to Customers, Employees, Bank Manager, Accountant, Lawyer, etc., Planning and Power (Power is built by Planning).


Areas of Expertise

  • Business Strategy & Planning

Industry Experience

  • Manufacturing & Industrial


1987-1990    Universidad Simon Bolivar      Caracas, Venezuela.  Specialization in Business Engineering,Marketing.

1966-1971     Universidad Católica Andrés Bello  Caracas, Venezuela  Economist.

Training and Professional Improvement: 

 Training course for the cooperation and international volunteering of ACCRI (Christian association of international cooperation). Trieste and Udine- Italy. From October 17, 2009 to February 6, 2009, 72 hours.

International Workshop of Training of Trainers (TOT) of the Seminar of the Program for the training of Entrepreneurs, EMPRETEC (UN) for Instructors. TRAINNING OF TRAINNER (T.O.T), from EMPRETEC from August 12 to 15, 2009. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Re-contextualization Workshop from October 13 to 19, 2002. Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

 Certification for having passed the training course "Leadership in Community Management" Center at the Service of Popular Action (CESAP) and the Andrés Bello Catholic University February to November, 2006, 362 hours. 

Certification as “Entrepreneurial Spirit Facilitator- Specialized in Jump Right In: Basic Training in an Entrepreneurial Approach” Center for the education and development of the entrepreneurial spirit (CEED). June 2003 to June 2004, 1 Year, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. 

 "Institute for the education and development of the Entrepreneurship" Professional development aimed at education and focused on the philosophy of the approach and implementation of entrepreneurship education. Center for the education and development of the entrepreneurial spirit (CEED). May- August 2003, 214 hours, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

• “Business Camp Training” Innovative program that introduces students from 8 to 16 years old to the world of entrepreneurship. Center for the education and development of the entrepreneurial spirit (CEED). May- August 2003, 112 hours, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

• “Training on the vision, mission, conceptual bases, achievements, operation and programs of the Center for education and development of entrepreneurship” Center for education and development of entrepreneurship (CEED). May- July 2003, 120 hours, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

“Export Managers” Italian Institute for Foreign Trade Training Directorate seminar. Estero Camera Comercio Piemontesi Center, 12 days. 

Previous Consultants Leveling Course. PAIPYME - TECNOPARQUE. 1999. 136 hours. Theoretical-Practical. • Participant in the II Consultant Training Program (Tecnoparque), 1998. 284 Theoretical-Practical Hours.

Course "EXCEL Professional Training of Facilitators" (International Junior Chamber). 4 days Pereira-Colombia.

Course "PRIME Basic Training of Facilitators" (Junior Chamber of Venezuela). 2 days Edo. Zulia, Venezuela.

Seminar "Entrepreneurs Training - Empretec". United Nations, Corpoindustria. 15 days, Barquisimeto. Venezuela.

“Marketing: Wheat - Flour Processed Products” workshop (Northern Crops Institute). 10 days, North Dakota. USES.

Seminar "Marketing Management". IESA. 160 hours. Caracas Venezuela.Workshop "Marketing Planning". Lamberg, Wormald & Asoc. 16 hours. Caracas Venezuela.





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