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Exit Your Business on Your Terms

Article Language: English

Exiting business, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, requires forethought and focus. Use this eguide to help ensure that you're prepared for whenever you leave your small... Read more


Protecting Your Business from the Unexpected

Article Language: English

Ensure that your business is protected by creating a Business Continuity Plan. Use this eguide to prepare your business for the unexpected. Read more


Small Business Bankruptcy: Failure or Reset?

Article Language: English

Small business owners rarely utilize bankruptcy as a tool to handle financial difficulties, according to statistics gathered by SCORE, mentors to America's small businesses. Read more


4 Tips for Requesting Donations for Your Nonprofit in a Pandemic

Article Language: English
November 3, 2020,

Are you ready to learn more about effective fundraising in the midst of a global pandemic—and four actionable tips for doing so? Let’s get started.


Poner un valor a su negocio: cómo y por qué

Idioma del recurso: Español
August 28, 2020

La mayoría de los propietarios de negocios tienen una vaga idea de lo que valdría su negocio si quisieran venderlo.

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Closing a Business – How to Legally Close Your Company

Event Language: English
August 20, 2020, 1:00pm EDT

In trying times, you may be looking to close or sell a business. This session will share key considerations for the process of closing your business. Read more

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How to Temporarily Close a Business Due to COVID-19

Article Language: English
June 11, 2020,

Businesses that have closed, even temporarily, won’t be seen as closed in the eyes of the state. They are considered active until they file for a dissolution.