Review Your Options, Maybe Start Your Own Business? June 22, 2022, 6:00pm EDT June 22, 2022, 8:00pm EDT

During times like these, people often contemplate getting better control of their lives by starting their own business. You can achieve financial independence by owning your own business. Spend some time with us to look under the covers at what running your own business entails.


Presented by Henry Lopez

Henry is a Serial Entrepreneur, Small Business Coach & Consultant, and Host of The How of Business podcast show. Henry has over 35 years of diverse business experience, including successful careers in the information technology industry, sales, sales training and business ownership. He is currently the Managing Partner of Levante Business Group (supporting entrepreneurs, small business owners and producers of The How of Business podcast), co-owner of iTopIt (a self-serve frozen desserts restaurant in Colorado Springs), co-owner of L3 Destinations (a Travel Agency co-founded with his wife), and a minority partner and investor in Office Evolution of Plantation (an executive suites and co-working business center franchise location). Henry currently resides in Port Saint Lucie, Florida with his wife Pam. He has been directly involved in over 11 different small businesses since purchasing his first business in 1991.

Review Your Options, Maybe Start Your Own Business?