Planning A Revenue Generating Sales Strategy September 6, 2022, 12:00pm EDT September 6, 2022, 1:30pm EDT

This dynamic four session series is full of strategies for a successful and profitable sales program. In each session Louis shares insightful and easy to initiate tools and strategies for increasing your business network and profits. Sales people compete for potential customers and this series will ensure you can separate yourself from the competition. Having educated thousands of sales and marketing professionals in the US, Canada and Europe, Louis focuses on increasing profits. In four sessions the sales series will be like no other you have ever attended - full of tips, tools and strategies for building your business.

This program is about your sales planning. With a careful look at your territory, potential customers, and products/services, you will learn to focus on the planning required for a successful sales program. Learn how to analyze your industry, your competitors, and products to insure a profitable work day with limited windshield time. Understand the value of a sales-call report and how it can impact first impressions.

Cost: Free

Copy of the recording and materials will be sent to all attendees.

About the Presenter(s)

Louis Feuer

Louis Feuer, MA, MSW, is a nationally known business educator, speaker and consultant.  He is the founder and president of Dynamic Seminars & Consulting providing training and education to corporations, professional associations and small to large businesses.

Planning A Revenue Generating Sales Strategy