Leveraging LinkedIn to Enhance Your Business Profile January 26, 2022, 6:00pm EST January 26, 2022, 8:00pm EST

This interactive webinar is designed to help business owners find new customers using LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network. The session focuses on practical tactics that B2B companies -- businesses that sell to other businesses -- as well as marketing and sales professionals can use to immediately increase their visibility and thought leadership on LinkedIn. We will cover the top elements your LinkedIn profiles and company pages must include to ensure they are making the most of this powerful selling tool.

The topics covered in the webinar include:

  • Tips on profile enhancements you will want to make, and how to do it without spamming your network
  • Get your social selling score and compare with others in your industry and network
  • How to leverage the mobile app only features - video cover stories, name pronunciation, QR code connections
  • Learn tips on growing your network
  • Find out how to get more mileage from your posts (from hundreds to thousands of views

Fee: Free

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LinkedIn marketing expert Sheryl Cattell is a certified lead instructor at BizHack Academy and the creator of the LinkedIn Business Edge, a course to help businesses drive sales and build strategic partnerships using LinkedIn. Sheryl has spent more than 25 years in digital marketing. Sheryl Cattell, MBA, CSM, MCLC is the founder of South Florida Interactive Marketing (sfima.com) and is a Master Certified Life Coach. For more information, visit https://bizhack.com/lbe.

Leveraging LinkedIn to Enhance Your Business Profile