How to Stay Out of the Spam Folder October 13, 2022, 6:00pm EDT October 13, 2022, 7:30pm EDT

There are many factors that influence whether emails you send make it to the inbox or the spam folder.

Among them is your sender reputation.

  • Is your (sender) reputation helping you or harming you?
  • Are your messages making it to the inbox?
  • Or are they going to the spam folder?

Your sending reputation, or how email service providers judge your mail, can determine whether your messages are ever seen.

If emails you send generate a lot of spam complaints, your sending reputation will deteriorate and future messages will be harder to get to the inbox.

On the other hand, if recipients are engaged with your messages, your sending reputation will be stronger and your messages will be more likely to make it to the inbox.

Join us to learn how to improve your Sender score and get your emails seen.

Time to give your business the attention it deserves!


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Ken Countess

An award‐winning marketer, Ken is an executive coach, public speaker, trainer, and presenter. He is an internationally recognized, accredited expert on Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing. Ken helps companies of all sizes Gain A Unique Advantage Over Their Competition with targeted marketing campaigns that really work.

Managing Director, The Countess Group
How to Stay Out of the Spam Folder