Excel - Basic June 28, 2021, 6:00pm EDT June 28, 2021, 7:30pm EDT

In this introductory Excel session, we will use realistic examples and the most common functionalities based on our 20 years of experience in the IT Training industry:
· A complete and detailed introduction of Excel’s Tabs and features.
· Step-by-step on how to perform basic functionalities such as: formatting cells, alignment of content, color fills, borders and renaming files and worksheets.
· Essential formulas allowing the calculations of averages, totals and other arithmetic operations.
· Best practices on how to print Excel documents including how to share and make them easily available.
· Incredible productivity tips to make you navigate through Excel and feel like a pro!

This webinar is sponsored by the City of Oakland.

Karina Arceo is an accomplished IT Trainer from Maracaibo, Venezuela with over 20 years of achievement in the information technology industry. She holds a proven track record of successfully implementing learning processes to products and services that have transformed businesses across South Florida.

As a consultant, she has worked on large projects within high-caliber teams such as Miami-Dade Family Learning Partnership, Hewlett Packard, Carolina’s Pediatric Emergency Fellowship, Price Waterhouse Cooper (Pwc). Also, prominent social influencers and Miami-based corporations are currently employing her training and online marketing skills to maintain their success and evolution. Today she continues to train business professionals to develop their different online channels while preserving their unique identity.

For seven years she worked as a hybrid role of Helpdesk Specialist and IT Trainer at The Children’s Trust, awarded with different recognitions including the prestigious Employee Of The Year recognition in 2013. Her versatility and dynamic approach in training & development has set her apart throughout the years.

Key Topics

Excel - Basic