5th Annual Women's Business Virtual Conference 2021 October 22, 2021, 10:00am EDT October 22, 2021, 12:30pm EDT
Online Zoom

Join us on October 22nd from 10:00-12:30, to hear successful women entrepreneurs speak of how they have managed the challenge of change, and how they deal with issues outside of their realm of control that impact their business as well as personal lives. Be sure to take part in our round-table discussion, where our experts will answer your questions about anything from starting a business to how to thrive in an ever changing world.

Learn how to reset normal, and how to make the transition to success from business owners who have done it themselves! Whether you already own your business, or are thinking of starting anew, the SCORE 5th Annual Women’s Business Conference has compelling information and insights for all women in business.

Our Speakers:

Renee Roberts

Renée Roberts has pastored since 1998. She is also a Professional Life coach of her own coaching firm, Coach My World since 2013. Her podcast, titled after her firm, offers lessons in holistic self-discovery, emotional healing, spiritual freedom, and overall life progress. Renée is degreed in Psychology and currently working towards a PhD in the field. Her passion is helping people work toward real change and real growth.

Dr. Sherrell Hobbs

Working as a visionary leader is something that Sherrell Hobbs has always enjoyed doing. From a successful business marketing director to a life changing leader in education for PreK through college level students, Sherrell has demonstrated advanced skills during crisis situations and is known to push and encourage people to attain their individual greatest limit.

Rita Goldberg

Rita Goldberg is the founder of British Swim School She started the first Swim School in Manchester England in 1981 and after emigrating in1991 began the business once again. With her at the helm, British Swim School grew to become both a national and International success and is franchised in 27 states and 3 countries.

Women's Business Virtual Conference 2021