Tune-Up Team

The Tune-Up Team is an exclusive Broward  SCORE program that helps small businesses identify opportunities and smooth out challenges.

Broward SCORE assigns a team of specialists hand-picked to tackle your business’ issues. They will meet with your management team and over the course of three meetings develop an action plan to help your business run at peak performance. The Tune-Up Team Program is offered at no charge to qualifying businesses. For more information call 954-356-7263  

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SCOREBoard 17

SCOREBoard17 is exclusive Broward SCORE. In essence, SCOREBoard17 is an advisory board consisting of three senior executives with C-Level experience who will consult with your businesses management much like a board of directors would.

This Broward SCORE team will help you meet your short and long-term goals, and open new opportunities for the future. SCOREBoard17 is offered at no charge. However, donations are accepted to help fund this ongoing initiative. For more information call 954-356-7263

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