City of Hollywood Office of Communications, Marketing and Economic Development

In partnership with the City of Hollywood, SCORE Broward is offering free one-on-one business mentoring, business education programs and business acceleration teams for entrepreneurs, business owners and residents of the City of Hollywood.

Free Individual Business Mentoring


Woman business owner seamstress in mentoring session

SCORE Broward offers personal, remote mentoring sessions with local seasoned business professionals who are committed to helping the local business community through this challenging time. Sessions are typically one-hour in length. Prepare to discuss opportunities or issues related to your business. Schedule your phone or video mentoring session online today.

Business Education Programs


SCORE Broward Workshop Seminar Webinar

SCORE Broward is offering several online, interactive workshops on a variety of business topics through the remainder of the year. The workshops are held in a live webinar format led by local business professionals with specific knowledge on starting and running businesses in Broward County and in the City of Hollywood. Over the next several months focus of the workshops will be on pandemic recovery.

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Advanced Business Solutions Team


Business Acceleration Team meeting

A team of three experienced business professionals will meet with your management team at your business location or by video. The teams usually meet 3 or 4 times with the goal of providing in-depth consulting services and to establish an action plan to address the project of your choice. Eligible businesses should have at least 2 owners / managers and 3 employees / independent contractors.

Upcoming Workshops Sponsored by City of Hollywood


    Talleres y seminarios web de la ciudad de Hollywood

    Educación empresarial: el calendario de seminarios web es:

    Hispanic Unity of FloridaThe City of Hollywood has partnered with SCORE Broward and Hispanic Unity on the “Emerging Entrepreneur Mentoring and Workshop Program” offered in Spanish.

    La Ciudad de Hollywood se ha asociado con SCORE Broward e Hispanic Unity en el "Programa de Mentoría y Taller para Emprendedores Emergentes" que se ofrece en español.

    Tutoría: Haga una cita en línea con un asesor comercial experimentado. Las sesiones suelen durar aproximadamente una hora. Discuta cualquier oportunidad o problema que tenga.



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