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Veteran Entrepreneur Workshops on 3 Campuses

March 5, 2017
  Do you have the mindset to be an entrepreneur? Many of our veterans do. Of 24 million veterans 4 million are small business owners. Join us at a Broward College campus in March... Read more
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Sunrise electronics store gets a boost

October 10, 2016
By Julie Landry Laviolette Special to the Miami Herald In 2010, when he was a high school junior, Chad Kalecky wanted to make a little extra money. The 16-year-old, always a... Read more
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2015 Entrepreneur Summit

October 10, 2015
The annual Entrepreneur Summit at Nova Southeastern University was another success this year. Hispanic Unity of Florida brought together professionals, educators, entrepreneurs,... Read more
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Baby Otter Swim School dives in for a makeover

February 20, 2015
Baby Otter Swim School made its first steps with their  five-day “Turn, Kick, Reach” program. In the early days, their instructors traveled to the home pools of their students.... Read more