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This blog is devoted to issues facing entrepreneurs trying to start a new business and small business owners seeking information or assistance with growing their business. Stay informed with Broward SCORE local news. 

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Broward mentor, Dale Long receives shout out from long time client

Tennessee Bob’s Rancho Del Fuego Hot Sauces founder gives his long time Broward SCORE Mentor, Dale Long, a shout out on Facebook. Read more

In The News

Broward SCORE and DECA Complete Ten Years of Association

Broward SCORE Volunteers participated as judges at the DECA High School District Competition, which includes events related to entrepreneurship, marketing and sales. As part of... Read more

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Broward County SCORE Appreciation Day

May 20, 2019

Take charge of your own SEO

November 9, 2016,

Nancy Leve, Broward SCORE Website & SEO Expert
Nancy Leve offers some quick and easy steps to help you take charge of your website SEO. There are web tools and YouTube videos that will help you along the way. Add some Google Analytics, and you'll be ahead of the competition.