Working as a visionary leader is something that Sherrell Hobbs has always enjoyed doing. From a successful business marketing director to a life changing leader in education for PreK through college level students, Sherrell has demonstrated advanced skills during crisis situations and is known to push and encourage people to attain their individual greatest limit.

In education, Sherrell is known as an educational turnaround agent. In business, she is the transformational leader and her greatest weapon by choice is a SWOT analysis which she uses to determine the best approach to get the desired results.  Sherrell just launched a new business as an educational business and executive leadership coach to members in the C-Suite. As an executive board member of the Washtenaw Promise, where she has candid conversations with lawmakers, heads of law enforcement and business leaders. Voice is key to the survival of every organism. Passionately and determined, Sherrell promotes and encourages each person she comes into contact with, to use their voice in a positive influential manner to influence the organic institutions, and everyone that they meet, to positively impact and change the world within, and without.

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Dr. Sherrell Hobbs